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  • School Safety Agents Detain Abductor, Rescue Child!
  • Do We Need Black History Month? Read Pres. Floyd's Daily News piece.
  • Things you need to know about the NY State Constitutional Convention.
  • Local 237 members can subscribe to the Daily News at a discounted rate of $1.99 a week. Sign Up
  • Did you know that Local 237 was the first City union to establish a welfare fund?  Read more.
  • SSA Lamar Gamble has been missing since December 17th. Anyone with relevant information is urged to call (718) 383-3879. Details.
  • Applications are now available for the James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship. In addition to the academic scholarship, the fund now offers a Training and Vocational Scholarship. Both applications are due March 31st.
  • Congratulations to Caretaker Ivan Maestre on the honors he has received for his heroic rescue of four adults, a baby and pet dog. Ivan’s selfless actions saved the lives of a NYCHA family.  We at Local 237 are proud to call him brother.  Read more.
  • Local 237 and NYCHA have reached an agreement on a four-month FlexOps pilot program in 12 developments. No current member will be forced to work a different shift and members who volunteer to work alternate shifts will receive a bonus and differential. Additionally, a host of worker safety measures must be in place before the pilot program can be tested. Read More
  • FlexOp letters:  pdf Caretaker, (40 KB)pdf Maintenance(36 KB) andpdf Property Manager(39 KB)
  • The School Safety Working Group, part of The Mayor's Leadership Team on School Climate and Discipline, is proposing major changes to school safety procedures that, if adopted, will lead to more violence and jeopardize public school students and staff.   pdf Click here(75 KB) to read their proposal to prohibit school principals from alerting the NYPD or School Safety Agents when crimes such as disorderly conduct, criminal mischief or vandalism are committed.  <pdf Read the School Safety Committee's MOU >(179 KB)
  • U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters called on President Obama to reconsider HUD’s expansion of the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program. <pdf Read the Letter to Pres. Obama(170 KB)> With a RAD program now in the planning stages at NYCHA, Local 237 shares her concerns. We can't risk the loss of any public housing. She also requested that the Government Accountability Office investigate whether tenants have lost their rights, and about the potential for privatization of public housing in the RAD program. <pdf Read the letter to GAO(933 KB)>
  • Free professional financial planning is available to all active Local 237 Welfare Fund participants. 
  • Before you apply, prepare for DCAS exams!
  • President Gregory Floyd's public affairs radio show, "Reaching Out with Gregory Floyd", is broadcast every Saturday on AM 970 at 8:30 a.m.   Watch video clips from previous interviews.
  • Get the Facts: Stop the War on Public Employee Pensions!

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