Power Index Plus Income

Introducing the Power Index Plus Income ®  Annuity  - A Powerful Combination for Your Retirement Savings  

Americans today face many retirement income challenges: Market volatility, longer life expectancies and rising healthcare costs, to name just a few. For individuals looking to generate more income for retirement, while avoiding the risk of losing their principal in a down market, the Power Index Plus Income Annuity offers an attractive long-term solution.Power Index Plus Income Can Help You:


  • PROTECTyour principal from market downturns. 1
  • GROW your retirement assets with potential earnings from your choice of index interest crediting strategies and a fixed interest account. 2
  • GUARANTEE  lifetime income through the Lifetime Income Plus or Lifetime Income Plus Multiplier guaranteed living benefit riders. Each rider provides unique ways to grow its Income Base, the amount from which lifetime withdrawals are calculated.3

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Note: Guarantees are backed by the claims-paying ability of American General Life Insurance Company. See notes below for more information about Power Index Plus Income._________________________________________________________________________________________________
Principal will decline with withdrawals and/or fees. Please see the Owner Acknowledgment and Disclosure
    Statement for more information.
The index rate caps, spreads and/or participation rates associated with the index interest accounts and the
     interest rate for the 1-year fixed interest account will differ based on the guaranteed living benefit rider you          select. Please see the current rate flyer for more information.Index interest accounts are not equity
     investments and have index rate caps that limit the upside potential or a spread that reduces the interest 
     earned. These accounts may not earn interest in certain situations.
The Income Base is the value on which guaranteed withdrawals and the annual rider fee are based; it is    not used in the calculation of the contract value or any other benefits under the contract, and cannot be

    withdrawn partially or

in a lump sum.

Eligible premiums are all premiums made in the first 30 days after contract issue and do not include
    income credits.

Important Notes about Power Index Plus Income 

The Power Series of Index Annuities offers either the Lifetime Income Plus Multiplier or Lifetime Income Plus guaranteed living benefit rider at contract issue for an annual fee of 0.95% of the Income Base. Only one rider may be selected per contract; the rider cannot be changed after election. The Income Base has no surrender value and is solely used to calculate your client's lifetime withdrawal amounts guaranteed by the rider. The Income Base is initially equal to eligible premiums and corresponding premium enhancements, if applicable. Eligible premiums are all premiums made within the first 30 days of contract issue. On each contract anniversary, the Income Base can increase to the greater of 1) the anniversary value, when higher than all previous anniversary values; or 2) the Income Base plus any available income credit.  

Withdrawals range from 3.00% to 6.00% of the Income Base, depending on whether one or two people are covered and their age at the time of the first withdrawal. To receive guaranteed benefits, withdrawals must be taken according to the terms of the rider. For more information, please see the Owner Acknowledgment and Disclosure Statement.

Power Index Plus Income Modified Single Premium Deferred Fixed Index Annuity (Single Premium Only in Oregon), Contract Number AG-800 (12/12); Market Value Adjustment (MVA) Rider, Form Number AGE-8000 (12/12); Lifetime Income Plus (Formal Name: Optional Guaranteed Living Benefit Rider), Form Number AGE-8002 (9/13); Annual Point-to-Point Index Interest Account Rider, Form Number AGE-8003 (12/12); Monthly Point-to-Point Additive Index Interest Account Rider, Form Number AGE-8005 (12/12); Terminal Illness Rider, Form Number AGE-8007 (12/12); Extended Care Rider, Form Number AGE-8008 (12/12); Activities of Daily Living Rider, Form Number AGE-8009 (12/12); Periodic Average Index Interest Account Rider, Form Number AGE-8024 (9/13); Annual Point-to- Point, Annual Point-to-Point with Annual Spread and 2-Year Point-to-Point Index Interest Account Riders, Form Number AGE-8028 (4/14); and Lifetime Income Plus Multiplier (Formal Name: Optional Guaranteed Living Benefit Rider), Form Number AGE-8034 (4/15).

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