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Related to Single: Single track, Single sign onIn American taxation, the filing status for a legally unmarried person who does not qualify for any other filing status. In other words, single is the default filing status. This may affects one's tax liability; for example, single filers have lower income limits for most exemptions. The filing status used by an unmarried taxpayer who does not qualify for any other filing status.

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There were two men and four females in the party and their ornaments denoted them as members of different hordes, a fact which tended to puzzle me infinitely, since the various hordes of green men of Barsoom are eternally at deadly war with one another, and never, except on thatsinglehistoric instance when the great Tars Tarkas of Thark gathered a hundred and fifty thousand green warriors from several hordes to march upon the doomed city of Zodanga to rescue Dejah Thoris, Princess of Helium, from the clutches of Than Kosis, had I seen green Martians of different hordes associated in other than mortal combat. Here the fellow tore frantically at what appeared to be but a piece of the blank wall opposite thesinglewindow. It was useless, though he tried it, to make the same noise again on his door, and equally useless that

he threw the plates and dishes out of the window; not asinglesound was heard in recognition. Asingleglance showed him the truth, or at least a part of it--the steel projection that communicated the movement of the pointer upon the dial to the heart of the mechanism beneath had been severed. Presently they came to a low plant which had broad, spreading leaves, in the center of which grew asinglefruit about as large as a peach. There could have been but asinglededuction in the mind of the Mahar--there were other worlds than Pellucidar, and the gilak was a rational being. There was but thesingleshock, no other followed to complete the damage undertaken by the first. The sudden shock of fright which the unexpected attack had upon her drew asinglepiercing scream from her throat; then the man clapped a hand roughly over the mouth. Nor was this less ominous than the rattle of musketry, for it suggested but asinglesolution to the little band of rescuers--that the illy garrisoned village had already succumbed to the onslaught of a superior force. The project once under discussion, not asingleparagraph suggested a doubt of its realization. There is no exception to the rule that every organic being naturally increases at so high a rate, that if not destroyed, the earth would soon be covered by the progeny of asinglepair. Moreover, on this view, many species of distinct genera and families are supposed to combine for one end; and of such a combination, not asingleinstance can be found in the whole of nature.

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