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The Hargreaves Lansdown best buy annuity rate tables show you the best annuity rates currently available from our panel (shown below). Note annuity rates may have changed since these figures were last updated (we update them weekly).

The table shows the best standard annuity rates currently available online, paid monthly in advance, for an annuity purchase price of £100,000. The rates are based on an average postcode and basic personal details, so you could receive more or less income when you come to find your own personal annuity rate. Postcode is an important factor affecting annuity rates so it’s essential you use your home postcode when calculating your annuity.

Rates correct as at - 2 February 2017 Key to terminology

Single life - the income is payable to the annuitant only and will not continue to be paid to their spouse upon their death.

Joint life 50% - upon the annuitant's death 50% of the income will continue to be paid to their spouse. Different percentages are available up to 100%. Where a joint life annuity is shown, this is based on a named spouse and assumes the annuitant is 3 years older than the spouse.

Level - the income will remain level

and not increase over time.

RPI - the income from the annuity changes in line with inflation as measured by the Retail Price Index.

3% escalation - the income from the annuity will increase by 3% every year.

Guarantee - the annuity will continue to pay an income for at least that period of time (i.e. 5 years), even if the annuitant should die before that time. Guarantee periods of up to 30 years are available.

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