Guaranteed income with a fixed annuity through Vanguard Annuity Access

Vanguard Annuity Access™, a unique web-based service powered by the Income Solutions® platform,lets you compare fixed income annuities from multiple well-known insurance companies. Getting quotes

takes only a few minutes.

Highly competitive annuity quotes. Enjoy fixed annuity rates that are normally available only to large institutions.

Excellent service. Get unbiased assistance from licensed, noncommissioned specialists at Vanguard. A dedicated specialist will answer your questions, help you get quotes, and walk you through the process if you decide to purchase. Once you've purchased your annuity, you'll work directly with the insurance company you chose.

Instant quotes. Avoid the wait. Visit Income Solutions to get real-time quotes or call one of our annuity specialists.

Choice. Compare quotes from several well-known insurance companies that offer a variety of payment terms. Depending on when you plan to start income payments, you can choose a single-premium immediate annuity (SPIA), deferred income annuity (DIA), or longevity insurance.

Flexibility. Use either qualified (pre-tax) or nonqualified (after tax) money to purchase. If you're investing qualified money and meet the IRS guidelines for a qualified longevity annuity contract (QLAC), your annuity may be eligible for exception from required minimum distribution (RMD) rules.

With the income annuities available through Vanguard Annuity Access, payments can start as early as 30 days from your purchase date or be deferred as late as

your 85th birthday. Here's a hypothetical example showing the initial investment needed to produce $1,000 of monthly income for life (based on an annuity purchased by a 65-year-old male).

Date payments beginAmount needed to purchase
0February 1, 2014 (age 65)$167,105
5February 1, 2019 (age 70)$119,540
10February 1, 2024 (age 75)$77,569
15February 1, 2029 (age 80)$47,976
20February 1, 2034 (age 85)$26,894

If you'd like an annuity specialist to help you figure out which annuity might be right for you, call us at 800-357-4720.

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If you're ready to see what payments you might be eligible for based on how much you have to invest and what options you want, get a quote now by clicking the link below. You can also call us at 800-357-4720.

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Vanguard Annuity Access is offered in collaboration with Hueler Investment Services, Inc., through the Income Solutions platform. Income Solutions is a registered trademark of Hueler Investment Services, Inc., and used under license. United States Patent No. 7,653,560. Vanguard Annuity Access is provided by Vanguard Marketing Corporation, d/b/a VMC Insurance Services in California.

Fixed annuities purchased through Vanguard Annuity Access are subject to a one-time transaction fee. The fee is equal to 2% of the purchase amount. All quotes are net of this transaction fee.

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