Individual Annuities

With hundreds of annuity providers in the United States today, it can be a challenge for an independent broker to choose which companies to represent.

The ideal candidate is one that adds value to the service you provide your clients and that helps you to stand apart as an exceptional financial advisor.

Your first step is to find which annuity carriers meet your needs on four base factors:

  • Product Features
  • Rates
  • Industry Ratings
  • Compensation

The second step is to determine those carriers that ultimately will make it into your briefcase by differentiating themselves in these areas:

  • Customer service
  • Sales support
  • Marketing support
  • Reputation

The Standard has distinguished itself as a leader in the annuity marketplace through innovative product design, desirable rates, competitive compensation and excellent industry ratings. But the rest of the story is found in the value-added services we provide brokers.

Our brokers don't work for The Standard, we work for our brokers.

As your back-office support team, we provide customer service that meets — and usually exceeds — your expectations. Our reputation for superior broker service is based on easy contracting and commissions payments, speedy new-business turnaround times, forms that make sense and Internet support that enhances, rather than replaces, the human touch.

Our sales professionals share your entrepreneurial

spirit and are specifically trained to help boost your production in both traditional and innovative ways. From technical support to training materials, from industry updates to regulatory and legislative alerts, we provide sales support where it matters — your bottom line.

Your primary relationship is not with an annuity carrier, but with your client. With that in mind, we provide custom marketing support to match a variety of specialized needs. Brokers may choose from a catalog of tools that spans the gamut from basic newspaper advertising to eye-catching inserts, postcards and self-mailers. We want to be the marketing partner that helps you look good to your clients.

Since 1906, The Standard has earned a superior reputation for financial strength and a genuine commitment to service. While we aren't the largest annuity carrier in the industry, many of our brokers and partners believe us to be among the very best. We take seriously our job to carefully weigh all options before launching a product or establishing a distribution partnership. Similarly, you must scrutinize us before joining our team. We're confident: the more you know about us, the clearer your choice and the more certain your path to success.

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