Amounts that you allocate under your variable annuity contract to any of the investment options are invested in a corresponding "Portfolio" that is part of EQ Advisors Trust or the VIP Trust. The value of your variable investment option is measured in "units".

Each unit has a "unit value". While the unit value relates to the net asset value of the shares of the corresponding portfolio, there is not a one-to-one correlation in the dollar amount. For example, if at the time of the portfolio's inception the net asset value of the portfolio was $10.00 per share, the unit value of the corresponding investment option may actually have been $100.00 per unit. If the portfolio's net asset value grew to $11.00 per share the next day, the unit value of the corresponding variable investment option would have increased proportionately, but not by the exact same dollar amount.

The value of each unit will increase or decrease each day and reflect all reinvested dividends and distributions from the corresponding Portfolio.

The daily unit value calculation will also take into account the deduction of any mortality and expense risk charges that apply under your contract/policy.

The number of your units in any variable investment option does not change, unless there is an event or transaction under your contract/policy that involves moving assets into or out of that option. Whenever any amount is withdrawn or deducted from one of your contract/policy's variable investment options, we "redeem" the number of units that has a value equal to that amount, on the effective date of the redemption. This happens, for example, when all or a portion of monthly deductions and transaction-based charges are allocated to that option, or when loans, transfers, withdrawals and surrenders are made from that option.

Your investment results in a variable investment option will depend on those of the related Portfolio. Any gains will generally be tax deferred.

Daily Unit Values are available online, for most variable life and annuity contracts, through Login or Register to access daily unit values.

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