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Swiss annuities are excellent investment vehicles for asset protection. Swiss Fixed Annuities are “safe” investment vehicles, works just like another US issued fixed annuity, but the main differences are..

1. Swiss annuity policy is not denominated in USD, but instead denominated in foreign currency such as Swiss Franc (CHF) , GBP, Norwegian Kroner etc.

2. The insurance company is Swiss Insurance Company.

3. Your  money is  moved outside your country, placed in Switzerland.

The Swiss Franc is seen as a “traditional safe haven” currency for many years, not until recently the Swiss Franc has seen a historic rise recently against USD, EUR recently because of fear of Eurozone crisis.

Swiss fixed annuities pay “fixed” guaranteed life time income. You can structure your swiss annuity to receive immediate or deferred income. It is also worth mentioning that swiss annuities provide instant liquidity (surrender annuity anytime), easy currency switch and upto 80% borrowing is also possible.

Annuity Returns

The fixed income annuities offer approx 1.75% interest and this is a guaranteed interest as determined by Swiss Insurance Regulatory Authority FINMA. Although, the interest rate may seem not attractive, you can benefit from currency gains, plus dividends. Keep in mind that swiss annuity policy is a safe, secure and worry free investment.

Annuity Payments

You can instruct your insurance company in Switzerland to make annuity payments in to any bank

account in the world of your choice. Legal entities can also be the owner of swiss annuity policy.

US Citizens

If you are a US citizen, fixed swiss annuity certificates can be purchased either by “1035 exchange” of your existing US annuity or through an IRA. To buy a Swiss annuity, through your IRA, you have to do it through a reliable US custodian. We can introduce you to a reliance US custodian who handles Swiss annuities, if you request a quote.

Buying a Swiss Annuity

To buy a swiss annuity, first you will need to have a insurance broker in Switzerland, as most swiss insurance companies dont directly sell insurancy policy to foreigner. We assist wealthy clients with investments in Swiss annuities.

We expect our clients a minimum investment of USD 50,000 to purchase a swiss fixed annuity with an insurance company.

We do not charge any broker fee from our clients as we are directly compensated by swiss insurance companies. We therefore do not provide any fee schedules.  When you request a annuity quote, you will net figures in your quotation.

To request a quote, please contact us and we will be able to assist you accordingly.

For more information about Swiss annuites, we recommend to consult a reliable  swiss annuity broker

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