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Use this powerful retirement planning calculator to run various cash flow calculations. Find out if or when you could retire successfully considering inflation, current savings, investments, contributions, annuity-Social Security or other income streams, and growth. Then, print your assumptions and calculations.
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!!These calculations are hypothetical in nature to help you better understand your own unique situation. These calculations do not guarantee accuracy or future results. Never take investment actions based on any of your results or plans without first confirming their accuracy using a licensed financial planning professional.

Using OutCome Based Planning™ for Your Retirement

"The Annuity Guys will never call you unless you request our assistance" . When you are ready for specialized help we will be available to assist you.. We practice and recommend a"Holistic - OutCome Based Planning™ process when considering annuities."This approach has the effect of balancing your overall portfolio with annuities so you can meet your retirement objectivesby "first identifying the least amount of your investments or savings that should be considered for annuities."OutCome Based Planning™ analyzes and models multiple outcomes so you can clearly identify your best income and growth opportunities.

"Working with an Experienced Independent Annuity Guys' Planner can help you Avoid a Trial & Error or Risk Based Retirement"

If you have done a little internet research, you are probably aware that you can choose from hundreds of annuity advisors/salespeople who will try to convincingly promise you that they have the best annuities and advanced strategies for all of your money. Indeed, there are many advisors who claim to have"that one best solution, best annuity or best strategy; this, however, is not the way we approach or recommend that you do retirement and income planning"since we believe that there are many good solutions for you to consider. Our recommended process is directed towards looking at several plausible financial strategies with different successful outcomes based on your financial situation. This process helps you to compare and select one of the best solutions"that you are most comfortable with.

This type of approach does take considerably more time, effort and analysis which will show you mathematically the successful possibilities by comparing various outcomes rather than trying to sell or convince you of that " so-called one best solution."Clients frequently tell us that this process removes some of the confusion and emotion to help them objectively identify a better retirement plan; rather than just ending up with the most convincing salesperson or advisor.

When requesting help you can be assured of working with an experienced Annuity Guys' Retirement Planner who is an independent, licensed insurance agent and (also a securities licensed fiduciary financial planner) who has access to many different companies and annuities in helping you choose the best annuities using a holistic-outcome based planning approach. We consider the high quality advisor recommendations we make to our website visitors as a direct reflection back on us.

Based on survey feedback from advisor recommendations we made to our site visitors, we eliminated about two-hundred local advisors and now only recommend about six that we consider highly qualified Annuity Guys' Advisors on our national stage. Local advisors continually ask us to recommend them and they offer to pay us large fees for our referrals. However, our reputation and future business is driven only by satisfied website visitors. So, unfortunately we've had to tell the vast majority of local advisors no, since we changed our business model four years ago. At that time we stopped trying to satisfy everyone and instead, we now primarily work with individuals that are comfortable leveraging today's internet technology to their fullest advantage by working with a select group of experienced and knowledgeable Annuity Guys' Planners.

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Have a chat with Dick or Eric."We will help you in determining which annuities, if any, might be best for you."

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Are you willing to work with an Annuity Guys' retirement and annuity advisor based on their experience and expertise as a first priority rather than being limited by a local or regional area?The good news is that technology has forever eliminated our geographical limitations and leveled the playing field for everyone! As a result of today's technological advances, all of us can now work confidently with experts in any field including personal finance. We are no longer confined by regional or local boundaries limiting our choices and ultimate success. A high quality Annuity Guys® advisor is now as close as a click or phone call away.

Video: "Choose a National or Local Advisor"?
"There is no room for trial and error when it comes to choosing MarketFree® Annuities or a Successful Retirement Planner."
When you think about it, your money is almost always in some other state with a custodian;whether invested in the market or with an annuity insurance company, the advisors competence is primarily needed when positioning your money initially. So working with a specialized expert in a financial discipline like annuities or retirement planning is imperative.There are no undo buttons in retirement!Once the annuity or annuities get set up correctly, it is customary and more efficient for annuity owners to benefit by having direct access to the annuity issuer instead of having to go through the agent. And, of course any reputable advisor, local or national, is more than willing to assist their clients if needed after annuities are implemented.Video: "Why These 3 Types of Annuity Advisors are Not Created Equal"
"There are no undo buttons in retirement so it is vitally important that you do it right the first time!"

We are fortunate to have a select few who we believe are truly the highest qualified annuity and retirement advisors out of about two hundred licensed insurance agents that we eliminated. Your survey feedback is what helps us make these tough decisions. The Annuity Guys advisors have an independent financial practice, specializing in annuities and retirement planning, which helps ensure that you are given the best annuity options available for your retirement planning.

Video:"How Much of Your Money Should You Consider Placing into Annuities"?
"It takes an experienced expert to know how to structure annuities for income, inflation, growth, return of principal, and tax advantage."

"Anyone can sell you an annuity; however, it takes a truly qualified and experienced advisor to know how to structure annuities for income, inflation, growth, return of principal, and tax advantage. Typically, there is not just one annuity that can accomplish all of these objectives. It is how an annuity advisor structures multiple annuities in balancing your total portfolio that makes it possible to achieve your most important retirement objectives."

Video:"How to Choose a Great retirement Advisor"?
Almost everyone nowadays turns to the internet for answers on everything - from buying new widgets to researching just about everything under the sun; and finding the best annuity is no exception!At first, it may seem that researching annuities will be straightforward but the more time you spend researching them, the more frustrating it can be. Why is this? First of all, it does not take long to realize that gimmicks abound - such as warnings and alerts from salesmen who just want your attention so they can sell you an annuity or the "too good to be true" claims of 8% to 14% **guaranteed interest and of course the claim that you can get the full market upside with no downside risk! If you have done any research you have heard all of these claims in advertising which are mostly

half truths and not fully explained.So how can you find the best annuities on the internet? The truth is... you can't! And what is even more frustrating is all the conflicting points of view from so called experts. There are well over 6,000 different annuities - all designed for different reasons, so is it any wonder that the deck is stacked against the average researcher or do-it-yourselfer. Add to that the fact that annuities pay high enough commissions to attract a plethora of both good and bad agents. This does not make annuities good or bad; they are simply a financial tool that truly benefit those who use them correctly.How can you find the best annuities for your unique situation?

  • Use the internet cautiously;
  • Work with a vetted and experienced annuity specialist;
  • Do not settle for that one dubious best plan or annuity compare multiple Outcome Based Plans to decide on the one that is truly best for you;
  • Be keenly aware of scare tactics and hyperbole - avoid those advisors and websites;
  • Avoid websites that are focused on rushing free reports, rates and quotes to get your contact information they are rushing you to speak with them, instead, take your time and choose someone you are more comfortable with that works on your time-table;
  • Know the Five Vital Factors (listed above) that an experienced annuity specialist must answer before helping you select the best annuities for your situation;
  • Watch this telling video"Avoid Annuity Gimmicks, Amateurs and Charlatans"...
Video:"Avoiding Gimmicks, Scams & Charlatans"
**Guarantees, including optional benefits, are backed by the claims-paying ability of the issuer, and may contain limitations, including surrender charges, which may affect policy values.

*Financial or Retirement Planning is provided by referral to site visitors. Annuity Guys' recommended Financial or Retirement Planners are required to be properly licensed to assist clients with their financial or retirement planning needs. (Due diligence as a client is necessary when working with any advisor to check their current standing.)

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  9. MarketFree™ Annuity Definition: Any fixed annuity or portfolio of fixed annuities that protects principal / premium and growth by remaining market risk free.
  10. Market Free™ (annuities, retirements and portfolios) refer to the use of fixed insurance products with minimum guarantees that have no market risk to principal and are not investments in securities.
  11. Market Gains are a calculation used to determine interest earned as a result of an increasing market related index limited by various factors in the annuity contract. These can vary with each annuity and issuing insurance company.
  12. Premium is the correct term for money placed into annuities principal is used as a universal term that describes the cash value of any asset.
  13. Interest Earned is the correct term to describe Market Free™ Annuity Growth; Market Gains, Returns, Growth and other generally used terms only refer to actual Interest Earned
  14. Market Free™ Annuities are fixed insurance products and only require an insurance license in order to sell these products; they are not securities investments and do not require a securities license.
  15. No Loss only pertains to market downturns and not if losses are incurred due to early withdrawal penalties or other fees for additional insurance benefits.
  16. Annuities typically have surrender periods where early or excessive withdrawals may result in a surrender cost.
  17. Market Free™ Annuities may or may not have a bonus. Some bonus products have fees or lower interest crediting and when surrendered early the bonus or part of the bonus may be forfeited as part of the surrender process which is determined by each annuity contract.
  18. MarketFree™ Annuities are not FDIC Insured and are not guaranteed by any Government Agency.
  19. Annuities are not Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insured and their guarantees are based on the claims paying ability of the issuing insurance company.
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  24., is only a linked to subscription service, which is not affiliated with, it supplies and updates all Annuity Rates, Features Ratings, Fees and Riders.'s information is available in the public domain and accuracy is not verified or guaranteed since this type of information is always subject to change.
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