Arizona Charitable Tax Credit

Arizona thinks it’s pretty awesome when people step-up to support organizations like Southwest Center – and they want to pay you back for showing off your charitable side, dollar-for-dollar!

Through the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit, when you donate up to $400 to Southwest Center ($800 for married, joint filings), you can receive that money back, dollar-for-dollar, when you file your Arizona State Taxes. The state puts you in the driver’s seat to determine which charity you’d like Arizona to support and continue helping people in your community!

How it works:

Make a donation to Southwest Center using the donation form below or in-person. You’ll receive a tax donation letter from us to keep for your records. Then, when you file your Arizona taxes next year, attach Form 321 and receive a dollar-for-dollar credit on your taxes for your donation (up to $400 for single filers and $800 for married, joint filers). In other words, if you owe money, you’ll owe less. In addition, your gift to Southwest Center qualifies as

a charitable deduction on your annual federal return if you itemize. Watch Southwest Center staff and volunteers explaining the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit in the video below.

We totally understand what it’s like to be on a budget, so if $400 – $800 is a little too much for you to bite off at one time, consider doing a monthly recurring payment. For $33.33 a month (or $66.66 a month for married couples, filing jointly), you can still give the maximum amount each year and receive it back all at once when you file your Arizona taxes!

Your gift really makes an incredible impact in your local community! Give what you can, when you can! We truly appreciate your support at any level.

Ready to get started?

Complete the donation form below for a one-time cash donation or break it up and check the “Make this a monthly gift” check box.

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